The Fern Residency Asansol (West Bengal) opens

DECEMBER 05, 2014, MUMBAI: The Fern Hotels & Resorts is pleased to announce the opening of The Fern Residency, Asansol a Mid-scale business hotel in the Second largest city of West Bengal. Part of the Galaxy Mal complex the hotel has 42 rooms, 2 restaurants and 7000 Sqft. of banqueting space.

The 42 exquisitely designed guest rooms reflect modern amenities and facilities. There are three types of rooms, Winter Green Rooms the base category which offers 315 Sqft. of space, The Fern club room & The Hazel Suites. Here, food is an experience too, with a wide selection of local and international cuisines available at The Vista All day dining, along with a lounge bar and in-room dining. With the largest banquet halls in Asansol, the Hotel fast is becoming the preferred venue for rooms &conferences.

Asansol in West Bengal is one of the busiest trading centres in India.It is the 11th fastest growing city in India and the world’s 42nd fastest growing urban centre.It is a coal mining hub, and has a swiftly growing industrial arena.The city boasts of a huge workforce with its per capita income being much higher than many Indian cities.

The hotel is managed by Concept Hospitality & is a unit of Srijan Super facilities LLP

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Top 5 Things You Can Do To Reduce Global Warming !

By Aldrina Fernandes
Environment Officer, Meluha – The Fern

Global warming is the increase in the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. This phenomenon has largely been attributed to the rise in green house gas emissions. India’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions rose by 58 per cent between 1994 and 2007 with the Energy sector contributing over half of the emissions-Ministry of Environment and Forests report.
According to the draft of the UN report to be released later this month in Japan: Global warming will reduce the world’s crop production by upto two percent every decade and wreak $1.45 trillion of economic damage by the end of this century. Read more

Global temperatures are predicted to increase alarmingly and result in critical climatic changes, some of which we’ve already begun to witness. So it’s high time, we recognise the gravity of the situation at hand and reduce our individual carbon footprints.

We, at Meluha The Fern are sharing our pathway to a low-carbon nirvana with you- a few practical steps to cut carbon. Take these steps one by one and you could slash your bills while curbing carbon dioxide emissions: Where you save money, you’ll be also saving the planet.

Let there be light…
Before you reach for the light switch, Open the curtains. Natural light is the best source of illumination. Its healthy and free too.
Our lighting choices can significantly save us several watts of energy. Choose Light emitting diodes (LED) or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) over Incandescent lamps to substantially reduce your energy consumption.
Natural lighting in the Lobby at Meluha-The Fern

Vampire energy guzzlers..
Our homes are overflowing with electronic equipment, almost all of which will have a standby or sleep mode. These devices ranging from our cellphone chargers, televisions, gaming consoles, DVD players, set top boxes etc. are ‘power vampires’. They guzzle energy even when they’re turned off. Simply unplug or turn the main socket off to slay these vampires.

Making life easier?
Coffee maker, sandwich maker, mixer, grinder, juicer, hair dryer, hair straightener, hair curler, etc. …. All make our lives easier don’t they? But let’s ask ourselves do we actually need so many electronic devices?…Can we do without it?

Chill out!
Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Each minute a fridge door is open it takes around 3 energy hungry minutes for it to cool it down again. Also do not put hot food into a refrigerator since it leads to energy loss.

Look at the sun
Harness the power of the Sun by choosing to use solar-powered technology. Eg. Solar power banks, solar lighting, solar heaters,solar cooker, solar panels etc.

We’d be most glad to hear about your illuminating ideas of cutting carbon. So hit the button below to leave a comment.

Manasarovar The Fern, Hyderabad

Employee Environmental Education

 Luxury Hotel in Hyderabad, hotel in Hyderabad, 5 star hotel in Hyderabad  

“Someone needs to tell people that you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet”, says British writer and environmentalist Jonathon Porritt who was in India recently with his latest book titled, The World We Made, which was released in October this year.

This is exactly what Manasarovar The Fern, the Luxury Hotel in Hyderabad aims at through its proactive Green Team and its very active Employee Environmental education programme. Led by the Green Team, ‘environment sensitization’ has become a significant part of the training programme.

Employee Education

The skills of employees are fundamental to the success of a business. Business and employees have a shared interest in increasing skill levels. For the business, it helps with their

aim to increase performance, and for the employee to manage their own

futures by taking charge of their own learning.

The Fern Hotels and Resorts believe that Employee education is the most important aspect in establishing and maintaining our ‘green’ objectives. In order to ensure the committed participation of the staff, the 5star Hotel in Hyderabd, Manasarovar The Fern has a ‘green team’ headed by an Environment Officer who is responsible for training, conducting refresher courses, solving ‘green’ problems and generally creating and keeping alive an awareness of the environment.Induction of new employee takes place for environment and they are trained within the department to maintain higher efficiency of all equipment and to save energy and water by continuously monitoring the preventive maintenance. An Eco test is conducted r every six months after the joining date of an employee.

At Manasarovar the Fern, 5 star hotel in Hyderabad   this special group of people, called  The Green Team, all volunteers from the staff body, is the driving force behind its environment initiatives. The team initiates and monitors all environment initiatives done in-house. The Green Team empowers the staff far beyond the property’s set-up. Professional hierarchy is also set-aside in this unique team. The success of the Green Team can be gauged from the guests and staff members who have taken our green message in to their own lives and personal groups.


5 star hotel in Hyderabad ,Manasarovar The Fern is aware of the impact it has on its environment and its people, both internal – staff and guests – as well outside, on the community. The luxury Hotel in Hyderabad , Manasarovar The Fern property is an active member in its locality. Community initiatives, often led by the Green Team, range from working alongside local administrators and residents in planning infrastructure projects to outreach projects in schools and cleanliness drives.

Working with the community allows the team to learn new skills while sharing its knowledge in exchange. These participative initiatives always lead to better results for the community. Led by the general manager, this luxury Hotel in Hyderabad shares green tips and initiatives and welcomes experiences of green travel and practices from its guests.

Each member of The Fern family, from the Chairman to the entire staff body, takes a pledge to adhere to and further the commitment to the environment.

“Being a team member of an environment sensitive group, I pledge to protect and enhance the environment including all its resources by encouraging and implementing the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle. I will manage my share of resources with maximum efficiency. I pledge to form an educated opinion and to make responsible choices. I pledge to make a difference.”







The Eco-Aware Indian Family

Some things take longer. We at The Fern are never in doubt of the eco-sensitive work we do, though we do debate sometimes if our message is getting through to the people we serve – community and guests.

We’ve made the environment our central focus since 1996. Initially,  it was an uphill sell internally to the team because it was a departure from our view of hospitality at the time, but also because only a very few were actually talking about the ‘environment’ at the time. We stuck it out & 18 years later are seeing the young, urban families imbibe our ethos; be eco-sensitive because its common sense. The generational shift is underway.

Its most evident at our five resorts; Sasan Gir (Gujarat), Dapoli & Ganpatipule (Maharashtra), Benaulim & Palolem (Goa). Young parents who make up over 50% of our summer guests are keen to share our environment practices with their kids, in the unique simplified way that makes talking to kids most enlightening.  Even kids of two can understand at least two of our three ‘R’s – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

So we’re making it fun for them in ways that’s fun for all. The treasure hunt at The Fern Samali Resort, Dapoli is much in demand. The 18-cottage resort sits on vast acerage atop a hill in the lush rainforests of the Western Ghats. The range is in the Konkan region, one of India’s most fertile regions and the resort has nutured a garden that both reflects & compliments the rich biodiversity. We have over 100 native & complimentary species of plants & trees across the resort, and have recently completed the extensive task of putting name plates on each of them. The treasure hunt at Dapoli is a family activity and takes them all over them resort. We keep it light and easy to find though one of the longest tasks its to find as many plants & trees as possible on a list of 100 names.

At least a dozen families have completed the entire list!

Children under 10 years are 20% of the guest list at The Fern Gir Forest Resort, Sasan Gir. Almost all visits to Sasan Gir are solely to visit the lions in their reserve, which takes all of three hours. So keeping kids ‘productively engaged’ is essential for the remain 2-3 days of the holiday. We are so pleased to find parents actively participating with the kids in painting & colouring tasks, outdoor games, treasuring hunting,  eco-awareness talks etc. Our rooms have international satellite TV, the real entertainment is outside.

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The Lion & The Kids

If you ever come face-to-face with an Asiatic lion pride this year, please remember to smile. Apart from their stunningly majestic beauty, you’ve most likely seen a cub as well.

Over 40 cubs were born in the last season – 2013; that almost 10% of the population. We’re in the midst of a baby boom & loving it! And now, we’re celebrating it too!

The Sasan Gir reserve in Gujarat is the only place in the world to meet the Asiatic lion. For many, meeting them puts things in perspective and unreservedly brings out the child-like wonder in all without fail. Seeing a lion pride or even a solitary one suddenly brings alive the textbooks and childhood stories. From that moment on for a few lovely minutes, all else fades away. The world can wait, we’re here, now. So this is what a lion looks like, WOW!

The big cats are regal but are ultimately kittens at heart. The cubs are cuter. Yes, we’re biased. Our resort at Sasan Gir, The Fern Gir Forest Resort, is celebrating these little beauties. A new bulletin board in the resort’s lobby keeps a track of some of the cubs with their pics, latest location & stats among other trivia. Its a new initiative that’s getting rave reviews, especially from the kids.

The cubs currently on the board are Malika, Vanraj, Shardul, Yuvraj and Heer. They are Laxmi’s cubs and are already famous, featuring in news articles just weeks after they were born. Each of the 40 cubs also have names, given by the forest rangers who invariably have developed a deep familial bond with the lions.

These little ones are now 9-10 months old and developing fast. As they grow, they are evolve their own personalities and distinctive markings. The markings are important for us. Each is unique mainly because they are often scars, ‘earned’ from wrestling as cubs or hunting & internal fighting. Thats how we keep track of them.

On your next visit to The Fern Gir Forest Resort, Sasan Gir, look for the latest updates of these famous five, their friends or perhaps, even a new generation of lion cubs.

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I Make Oxygen, What Do you do?

I Make Oxygen, What Do you do?

Every plant, shrub and tree around me seems to be shrieking this question at me.
“While giving the permission to chop trees, the Social Forestry (SF) department had insisted that the DMRC should plant at least 10 saplings and nurture them in place of every tree that is cut down. As the compensatory planting of trees for the Kochi Metro rail project has ran off the rail for want of land, the Forest officials are scouting for land in the city for planting the saplings. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) officials have admitted that they were unable to find land for planting saplings in the city. It is estimated that the DMRC may have to axe at least 1,200 trees for completing the project for the proposed alignment of the metro project.”
The above News item set me thinking. Isn’t it a bit strange? In a State flushed by Nature’s bountiful greenery how can this be possible, that planting of tree saplings meets with a dead end for want of land?
It is here that Corporate entities and Institutions in Cochin should show their determination to protect and cherish the Environment they are gifted with, unlike any other City in India.
There are, however, exceptions like Beaumonde the Fern An Ecotel Hotel, Cochin who have come up with exemplary Green Activities without being prompted by any Governmental or non-Governmental agencies. Beaumonde the Fern has planted hundreds of saplings in different parts of the city in and around the hotel premises as part of their Green Team Efforts towards the noble goal of a Greener Cochin. Beaumonde The Fern, Kochi which is located in the city centre of Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala, strives hard to adhere to the Go Green factor; set amidst lush green surroundings it offers peace and tranquility to the guests.
But, wait a minute. I am far from suggesting that one can be complacent about what they are doing. There is work infinite to be done if we wish to hand over the earth in the ‘as is where is’ condition we found it to future generations. Amid increasing concerns across the world for the necessity of looking after the Environment which surrounds us, the one consoling aspect is that Beaumonde the Fern An Ecotel Cochin is doing the little they can.

Thank You For Saying Yes

We agonise over a lot of things we do for our guests; is the hot water reaching you at the right temperature, was the check-in process seamless, are our eco-friendly practices achieving their intended impact.

Being environmentally sensitive is who we are at The Fern, it defines us. We’ve being doing it from 1996, many, many years. We love it and find it hard to think of a time without cross checking if we can make the simplest task more eco-friendly. A lot of what we do goes beyond the ‘normal’ realm of hospitality. Our new website has a synopsis of our main activites. We’re thinking of expanding upon it in a special section of this blog.

The Fern Club room @ The Fern, Jaipur

So THANK YOU for saying yes. One of the issues we agonise over is whether you – our guests – appreciate our eco-practices. We know at some level, everyone feels a tinge of regret at how the Earth’s being shortchanged. Though to get a true pulse of what you think, we have to ask specific questions, directly. Yes or now. Why & how.

An overwhelming number said they appreciate our eco-practices, thank you especially to those who apologised for not acknowledging it earlier. A smile and nod is enough most often, though a review on Tripadvisor is also welcome.

More posts to follow on this wonderful topic. In the meantime, please visit our new website

A Valentine’s Day Special

Its this week and there’s no escaping it. Valentine’s Day is a day we look forward to at The Fern. There’s a fair amount of stress, a lot at stake and so many wonderful moments that eventually make up for the stress.

Watching Valentine’s Day evolve over the years is a timelapse movie of our society and ourselves. Fashion and the choice of music are the most notable markers of change. In comparison to the gent, the lady’s fashion has changed virtually every year, so distinct it amazes us at its pace. So this is a yearly surprise we look forward to.

Music, well that’s entirely dependent on the age of the person requesting it. The classics of the seventies and eighties still hold strong though they’re not as firm as they were a decade ago. Modern music hits are asked for by the young set, so its heartwarming to see the new romantics find their feet. Yet some tunes bring a smile to us no matter the situation. When dinner’s in full swing and we’re focussed on giving you the best experience, you may see a quick smile flash upon us. That’s because the tunes are classics, having endured for decades and are requested almost every Valentine’s Day. They are old friends, so naturally we smile.

Romance is both timeless and fresh every time. As we prepare for the most romantic meal of the year, we follow time-honoured traditions that so many look forward to while we try and also keep it relevant to new romantics. Requests for special dinners are the most popular across The Fern family of 19 hotels & resorts. Pink and red continue as the default colours of choice. The candles, champagne and soft music will return too.

If you’ve not made a booking, please do so quickly. You really do not want to take a chance and keep her waiting for a table! Romance, like a Valentine’s Day meal is not rushed. Five course dinners are the norm at our restaurants. Dinner with a view is a bonus, something our wonderful Sasan Gir resort is offering this year. Exclusive tables that overlook the meandering Hiran river in the tranquility of the Gir forest reserve. The deep, rich baritone roar of the lions often carry over a long distance in the still jungle air. That’s nature’s music!

Launching A New Website

For hoteliers, few things worry us more than overhauling the website. Room design, no problem; menu design, done; website, hmm… lets evaluate because things are going so well right now.

The Fern has been at the forefront of an important movement since 1996 – environmentally responsible hospitality. Going against the tide is our game, because its worth it. The same for our approach to guest experience and social outreach programmes. Its non-traditional, but absolutely worth it.

Our new website has been in the making a long time. How do you take a practice like eco-sensitive hotel operations, give it a visual identity and maintain the balance of form & function? We start at the begining and build upwards.

We began by listening, looking and learning; the 3 ‘L’ to our 3 ‘R’ of environment – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

That’s what we hope we’ve achieved with the new

Keeping New Year Commitments – To The Environment

Its the first week of February 2014. By now, a large number of resolutions made over New Year’s eve are looking tough to keep. Its the natural law of attrition.

This got us thinking. So this year we asked ourselves if we could actually keep our New Year’s resolutions long enough to beat the average stats of these things, perhaps long enough to be … year-round.

For us at The Fern, two priorities stand above all else; guest experience and the environment. The term ‘environment’ is really broad, almost all encompassing, to include community, team and the natural environment. There’s a lot for us to choose from, which perhaps, as the experienced ones know, can be risky. Success means keeping it simple and down to a few resolutions only.


Now how does a brand built on environment sensitivity keep the list short? We’re in the process of figuring it out. The first people we consult of course is the team. The Fern has 3000+ team members at 19 locations across India. Getting all their views calls for a special survey. Our team loves to share, invariably, this has thrown up a vast amount of questions, suggestions and challenges. That’s what resolutions are for.

How many do we choose & can we keep them. There’s more to come…

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