Creating a foundation for a Clean India..

“A clean India would be the best tribute India could pay to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150 birth anniversary in 2019,” said Shri Narendra Modi as he launched the Swachh Bharat Mission in New Delhi last year. This national movement last year gained significant momentum in the country with organizations and individuals alike making it their personal mission. A lot is yet to be accomplished, but it has definitely been a great start!
Clean up drive - 2nd Oct 2015 (3)
The Fern Hotels and Resorts over the last year has organized several clean up drives in the city to educate citizens and encourage them to maintain a clean environment. To mark one year of the Clean India (Swach Bharat) campaign, Meluha The Fern  organized a cleanup drive near IIT, Powai.The young,dynamic, enthusiastic green team members put in a lot of effort to gather all the waste strewn to leave a spic and span area.  Clean up drive - 2nd Oct 2015 (1)


Top 5 Things You Can Do To Reduce Global Warming !

By Aldrina Fernandes
Environment Officer, Meluha – The Fern

Global warming is the increase in the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. This phenomenon has largely been attributed to the rise in green house gas emissions. India’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions rose by 58 per cent between 1994 and 2007 with the Energy sector contributing over half of the emissions-Ministry of Environment and Forests report.
According to the draft of the UN report to be released later this month in Japan: Global warming will reduce the world’s crop production by upto two percent every decade and wreak $1.45 trillion of economic damage by the end of this century. Read more

Global temperatures are predicted to increase alarmingly and result in critical climatic changes, some of which we’ve already begun to witness. So it’s high time, we recognise the gravity of the situation at hand and reduce our individual carbon footprints.

We, at Meluha The Fern are sharing our pathway to a low-carbon nirvana with you- a few practical steps to cut carbon. Take these steps one by one and you could slash your bills while curbing carbon dioxide emissions: Where you save money, you’ll be also saving the planet.

Let there be light…
Before you reach for the light switch, Open the curtains. Natural light is the best source of illumination. Its healthy and free too.
Our lighting choices can significantly save us several watts of energy. Choose Light emitting diodes (LED) or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) over Incandescent lamps to substantially reduce your energy consumption.
Natural lighting in the Lobby at Meluha-The Fern

Vampire energy guzzlers..
Our homes are overflowing with electronic equipment, almost all of which will have a standby or sleep mode. These devices ranging from our cellphone chargers, televisions, gaming consoles, DVD players, set top boxes etc. are ‘power vampires’. They guzzle energy even when they’re turned off. Simply unplug or turn the main socket off to slay these vampires.

Making life easier?
Coffee maker, sandwich maker, mixer, grinder, juicer, hair dryer, hair straightener, hair curler, etc. …. All make our lives easier don’t they? But let’s ask ourselves do we actually need so many electronic devices?…Can we do without it?

Chill out!
Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Each minute a fridge door is open it takes around 3 energy hungry minutes for it to cool it down again. Also do not put hot food into a refrigerator since it leads to energy loss.

Look at the sun
Harness the power of the Sun by choosing to use solar-powered technology. Eg. Solar power banks, solar lighting, solar heaters,solar cooker, solar panels etc.

We’d be most glad to hear about your illuminating ideas of cutting carbon. So hit the button below to leave a comment.

A Sincere Message.

So what is it with us not being able to give back to the planet to the extent we take from it? It becomes difficult for most to realize just how much we plunder. The beauty about the planet does not lie in how we, one species, live happily while others suffer. The beauty lays in the fact that such a vast diversified system can self sustain within itself just as long as each element plays its role and does not deviate from what it was meant to do.

We, the humans, seem to have gone astray and made ourselves our own destiny pulling down everything else with us. While its all OK to live, enjoy and celebrate, there are some limits that we need to look out for, especially at this stage! The key word is Responsibility. Without being able to achieve anything in a graceful manner, we will never truly be a race that can be proud of our existence.

As we go about fulfilling our dreams and making for ourselves a perfect little sphere that gives us all we need, we must all remember that we belong to something much larger than mankind and that something may not suffer because of what we call civilization. There is nothing civil in living life at the expense of the very planet that supports us.

We urge all to make tiny changes in their lives and be able to reduce the harm we cause everyday to the environment. It may be as small as remembering to switch off an appliance when not in use. Good luck being human, may we be able to make the most of now, because we may be the only ones left one day!

Green Technology

The world of today is more silicon and less metal or wood. Everything we see around us uses technology that takes years to develop but seconds to accomplish our desired goals. In a situation such as this, it becomes very important to keep a tab on any negative impacts to the planet simply because the scale and rate at which we are developing is magnanimous.

Rightly so, we have come up with a new way of building and innovating known as Green Technology or Clean technology. Green tech is the application of environmental science to conserve Mother Nature and curb the negative impacts of human activity.

There are a lot of things that come under Green Tech. Things like recycling and air/water purification. Another major aspect of Greentech is Solid Waste Management; something that has become important knowing how much waste we create. So much so, that Ecotels like the Fern group of Hotels and Resorts require having it as one of its pre requisite company policies in order to be certified Eco-friendly in practice. Apart from these, one needs to look into energy conservation as well as come up with ways to renew energy because excess energy consumption is a major drawback with many upcoming technologies.

Most businesses across the world are now looking to go green because green is the future of any new venture. Do remember to buy green products and insist on using services that promise to exercise eco-friendly practices. This is where you step foot onto the green boat that leads to the future!

Fly Away! Never to return?

Birds are more than just pretty creatures flying in the sky for us to admire. They are extremely important to the eco system. From transporting seeds over long distances to regulating insect populations, these avian creatures really play an important role!

The problems start when they start disappearing, like the noticeable decline in the number of House Sparrow and Common Indian Myna populations from the urban areas. There are various reasons for the decrease and many have to do with the fact that mankind has evolved too fast.

Even things like unleaded petrol have known to affect the populations of insects on whom the birds thrive. Believe it or not, many birds used to sustain themselves on grains falling off of gunny bags at storage facilities and homes. With the plastic bags taking over, grains are more secure and have left the birds hungry. There are also issues with mobile telephone towers that interfere with bird metabolism and biology, thereby affecting them and forcing them to migrate. Sadly, these are facilities that we cannot stop using and to most, bird migration is too small a side effect to the comforts that these can offer.

Time will tell whether or not we are able to create parks that act as sanctuaries for birds or will we one day live on a planet where we won’t see anything without an engine take off! Some arrange shoe boxes with tiny entrance-holes. Some toss a fistful of grains in the yard. Most look up at the evening sky and take in the sight of birds shining amber against the setting sun. What would you do?

The Tiger. Our National Animal they say…

It is now around 6 months since we saw the Save a Tiger campaign come into being. When thinking about wildlife conservation, what comes to mind is the plight of the Indian tiger. It is disturbing to see what the big cat has been through over the years despite the fact that it is India’s national animal!

One cannot help but wonder what is going wrong out here. Recently there was a report stating that in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, a tiger skin can fetch you 5 kgs of uncooked rice! This is roughly equivalent to 250-300 INR, as much as a plain white tee shirt would cost in Mumbai. This is alarming as well as disturbing. The Sariska Tiger reserve in the state of Rajasthan once lost all its tigers to poachers and for more than a year, no one even knew about the matter.

There is serious lack of concern for wildlife in the country and it is clear that such ineptness cannot be without the involvement of authorities. This is scary, because we now have only about a thousand tigers left. On top of that, we have issues of many sorts regarding other wildlife. How one may fight it is a dilemma of un-imaginable proportions.

When you see women selling claws and whisker of endangered animals in broad day light, it seems there is no way to try and stop this from happening. We urge all of you, only to be aware and outspoken on the issue to spread the message. This is the little we can do.

The Happy Camper!

Camping and trekking during the monsoons seems like a great idea for an outing. Especially with a life in the city, you may find it fulfilling and refreshing to make such a trip because it really does bring one close to nature. While it is a liberating experience, given that we can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, there are some guidelines to follow in this respect.

The first basic rule is that we must never leave anything behind. It’s important that a camper does not change anything in the environment. Being at camp does not in any way give us the right to litter and destroy. Everything from a wrapper to cups and glasses must be either carried back or appropriately disposed. Ideally, it is wise to take care of any trash left behind by previous campers too.

Leftovers must be disposed off correctly in order to make sure that the fragile eco-system does not get affected. Another very important point is to make sure that we make a small fire and that too on sites already utilized by previous campers rather than clearing new space for the same. Avoid burning rubbers or plastics under any circumstances unless for medical or safety purposes.

Being among Mother Nature means we forget our city-bred attitudes behind because it’s not like we are going to allow an animal in our house and let it remain wild! We must adjust, or leave. And leave, we must in a manner that we do not end up deteriorating the environment. Camping is the best way to celebrate, appreciate and understand nature in all its glory and this beauty will remain only if we let it! Stay green and happy camping!

The Fern: Green on the outside too!

This has been the official environment friendly month for the world as 5th of June is world environment day. On a day such as this, nature lovers all across the world are supposed to come together and take initiative on something that may help the planet or at least coax others to do so.

This is the least one can do for the planet. As an individual, a business, a group, a club, a country or even as the world, there needs to be a common act of defiance against all that is wrong and all that needs to be corrected.

Keeping in mind the above fact; we as an Eco friendly hotel had to do our bit for the planet as well. Apart from the various certifications that we have managed to acquire in terms being able to function as per the Ecotel certification standards, we thought we might as well do something more visible to everyone, because sometimes, we need to reach out to people for that extra push!

As a result, the green team at the Fern Ecotel Jaipur decided to organize a silent march on Saturday, 5th of June as a means to show the world that we are green even outside the hotel premises! The 4km march was a huge success as many people from the streets joined us.

We were able to give away many a saplings as well as plants for home decor to people. Staff members from the hotel were enthusiastic as ever as they marched on with banners and posters in hand with eco-friendly messages.

We hope we can do this and more every now and again as it will really mean a lot to out fabulous patrons as well as bring about a positive change of attitude in and around the Fern Hotel and essentially the world through blogs and picture uploads!

What we think of a Zoo…

Natural beauty generally encompasses plants, topography and animal life. To make these more accessible to the public for tourism purposes we may construct gardens, man-made landscapes and zoos. However, speaking of zoos, one cannot help but wonder how we can confine animals in an enclosure when in fact they are meant to live free in the wild.

This is an arguable topic; one which may not yield a clear verdict as to whether or not, it is correct to exhibit animals behind fences and walls. Either ways, there are zoos all around the world and the next best thing to do is to figure out a way to run them efficiently with utmost care and attention given to the animal’s every need.

Every animal has its own requirements in terms of weather condition, minimal space required, diet etc. These are probably the most important factors when it comes to maintaining an enclosure. After all, one cannot celebrate nature by changing the way it needs to exist and this also applies to animal life. A zoo shall therefore only be safe and comfortable if nature comes before man behind those wrought iron gates!

Since every animal lover looks forward to witnessing a creature that is living in a healthy condition, a zoo may provide for the correct platform given that every staff member and authority takes full responsibility of maintaining an environment that is safe as well as comfortable both for the animal as well as people that come and visit.

All in all, if a zoo must exist, it may as well follow certain norms and guidelines keeping in mind first, the inhabitants, and then the guests. Visiting a sanctuary is a better way of experiencing nature but that’s another story altogether!

The Nature Photography Contest!

So you took a really nice picture and want to do more with it than to just keep it as your desktop image?

Here’s a chance to win yourself a free night’s stay (for 2) at the Fern Ecotel Hotel! All you have to do is:

Just go to the Fern Ecotel Fan page and upload pictures on the wall that can be categorized under nature photography.

You may tag friends on the picture (this could get you more likes and comments).

The winner will be declared on the basis of the visual appeal of the picture and the comments and likes one receives from other fans. He/she wins a free One Night’s stay at the Fern Ecotel Hotel in Jaipur. What’s more? The winner can avail of the free stay winthin one year from the time of the contest!!


1) The picture should have been clicked by you. If we find that the picture has been sourced off the internet, we sorry 🙂

The picture must be real, not animated. It must be original, not edited using softwares. (You are allowed to watermark it)

2) Winner gets to stay in one of the Winter green rooms of our Hotel. Dates subject to availablity.

3) By one night’s stay we mean, check in by 12 am today and check out by 12 am tomorrow. A full 24 hours of pure luxury at the Fern Ecotel Hotel. If you wish to stay longer, we will simply discount the expense for one day from the grand total!

4) Moderator reserves the right to decide who wins the weekly contest.

5) Winner will be announced only after upload of minimum of 30 snaps (number subject to change as the contest pics up) OR 7 days from the last victor.

P.S.: We feel everyone has nature appreciation programmed into them… Just grab a camera and capture the elements the way you see them! As a hobby, it can really relax your mind and remind you that there is still something beautiful left in the world to fight for! So go ahead and have a happy time seeing and smiling! Because life can take you away from beauty and take the beauty out of your mind! Contest or not, something that appeals visually, can really soothe your mind!