Responsible Luxury -Not an Oxymoron

At Meluha-The Fern we believe that responsible luxury is not an oxymoron.We ensure that every step of ours is in complete harmony with the natural world. Sustainability considerations are a part of our daily lives and we are committed and passionate about serving our guests as well as the environment.

We take complete responsibility for the Earth’s valuable resources we use. Not only are we extremely cautious about our use, but we ensure maximum reuse and recycle of these resources.

We are a certified Ecotel hotel and Gold rated LEED building – Two esteemed and different certifications that holistically enable us to set systems for sustainability. LEED for our beautiful green building design and Ecotel for reducing the environment impact of our day-to-day operations.

Our commitment has not only been substantiated by results of significant reduction in resource consumption but also by the heightened environment sensitivity of the employees and the community relationships we have cultivated.

We constantly hear of tips to ‘go- green’ …Save water..Switch off Lights..Save energy..etc. buzzing around. Well, it is by doing the little things right ..that make the big things happens. By simple actions and innovations in technology, we’ve gone greener and reduced our overall resource consumption by 71 percent!! Thus making us proud recipients of Ecotel’s highest level of certification -Ecotier I!


These milestones achieved, certainly do not stop us from advancing further. The very Planet Earth we depend on for our sustenance, needs us. We need you to join hands with us, come together and Save our Planet. Do share your interesting stories, green tips and comments with us.


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