Meluha The Fern, Mumbai



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For Meluha The Fern An Ecotel Mumbai, luxury hotel in Mumbai, Environmental protection is not just another term for ensuring market survival. This 5 star hotel in Mumbai, lives the spirit behind the idea of Environmental protection and the Hotel exudes the commitment with which this idea is taken forward in its day to day operations. For example the novel concept of Pure Rooms is not found elsewhere among hotels in Mumbai. “Sometimes indoor air pollutants may be up to 100 times higher than outdoor air. Well, now Meluha the Fern provides these special PURE rooms for guests with respiratory allergies, families with kids or simply enhancing any frequent traveler’s room experience. The PURE Room program significantly reduces the impact of potential irritants to you which allows you to rest comfortably, sleep better and awake refreshed so you can enjoy your stay. Discover a refreshing change in our accommodations where your comfort is our primary concern”, the website of this 5 star hotel in Mumbai, in the heart of Mumbai city, which is not so famous for its clean air, states.

Being a luxury hotel in Mumbai, Meluha The Fern could easily have fallen prey to the more trodden path of other hotels in Mumbai, who also cater to the discerning guests with élan and comfort, no doubt, but not often with that extra touch which makes all the difference and which spares a little moment to be concerned about the space around, the Environment that is constantly being exploited mindlessly.


Meluha the Fern, the 5 star hotel in Mumbai welcomes its guests to join its Green Cover Loyalty program and offers adequate reward for those who do so. This luxury hotel in Mumbai which is part of the Major Hotel chain under Concept Hospitality group provides long-term sponsorship of a tree in honour of the guest and allows points to be converted to cash as a donation to NGOs that work on environment projects. – See more at:







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