Beaumonde-The Fern, Kochi

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If one considers all the activities coming under Nature Preservation or Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation is of utmost importance and it comes at the top of the sustainable energy hierarchy. Energy conservation can result in increased financial capital, environmental quality, national security, and also financial security for a business which strictly adopts it. Therefore this model followed by the hotel in Cochin Beaumonde The Fern An Ecotel makes sound business sense in addition to making this 5 star Hotel in Cochin a role model for other business establishments of the region.

Through energy-efficiency, Beaumonde the Fern hotel in Cochin ensures that the amount of greenhouse gases and pollutants in the atmosphere are reduced.A first among Hotels in Kerala, the policy of reduce reuse recycle is adopted in every phase starting from the architecture of Beaumonde the Fern An Ecotel.



Depressions and protrusions in the façade of this 5 star Hotel in Cochin play an important role since majority of the dead walls remain under shadow thereby reducing the surface radiation. Developed at the onset, the architectural preset lighting systems saves energy in hotel lobbies and restaurants, thus becoming one of the first hotels in Kerala to stress on light harvesting.


The building of this hotel in Cochin is positioned in such a manner as to reduce direct sunlight, thereby reducing electricity consumption by way of less air conditioning and lighting.


The roof top of this 5 star Hotel in Cochin is treated with 3 layers of coba (clay brick), which is a natural resource. This acts as an insulator from heat and noise, thus reducing air conditioning load.



The cement that has gone into making the Cochin 5 star Hotel Beaumonde The Fern An Ecotel is absolutely environment friendly. This cement, PPC (Portland Pozzalana Cement) contains 15-20% fly ash, as compared to OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) and is used for finishing of the exterior plaster, block masonry, tiling and flooring.

For concreting works the hotel has used cement products like fly ash, GBFS (Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) etc., which help reduce the atmospheric pollution. Fly ash is a by- product of Electric power generation, and 15% of the same is used in PPC. This also brings down the use and production of cement, which results in reducing pollution at this hotel in Cochin.


The double glazed window of this pioneer among hotels in Kerala comprises a hermetically sealed double glazed unit. This double glazed window blocks the heat of the sun from entering the room and helps in conserving the air-conditioning energy.  An added advantage of this unit is that it prevents fabric and furniture color from fading as the glazed unit prevents the infra-red light from the sun to enter the room.


At this 5 star hotel in Cochin,BEAUMONDE The Fern, An ECOTEL, energy efficient LED Lamps /PL lamps and T5 fluorescent tubes are used which provide as much light as ordinary bulbs, yet consume substantially less energy.

To cite an example: using a 10W PL lamp will give an equal amount of brightness as a 60W incandescent bulb whereas the former (PL lamp) will have a power consumption of 25% of the latter. What’s more, room lights come on only when the key card is inserted; there is no chance that lights or the air conditioner remains on once the guest leaves the room.

Another exclusive feature at this hotel in Kerala is that the mini bars used in the guestrooms save up to 40% energy, as it is equipped with “fuzzy logic” which senses the load inside the refrigerator and cools it accordingly.   Also an added advantage is that these mini bars are CFC (ChloroForo Carbon) free.


During the start, the motor acceleration is controlled by gradually increasing the motor current to a reference current ramp limit.  In the energy saving mode the applied voltage is adjusted by sensing that the motor current is running at minimum.

Major Benefits to this 5 star Hotel in Cochin

Electrical – to reduce starting current

Mechanical – to control starting acceleration

Economic – to save energy on partially loaded motors plus electronic motor protection without extra cost.

At this hotel in Cochin,BEAUMONDE The Fern, An ECOTEL ozone depletion levels have been reduced to 99.55% as we have used the more eco-friendly alternative i.e. R134A instead of CFC refrigerants. The mono screw chillers which have the least number of moving parts operates on a step less efficiency range of 10% to 100%.

All other refrigeration including walk-in cooler, deep freezer etc uses 134 A and 404 A gases, which are environmentally friendly.


At this 5 star hotel in Cochin,the hot water at 50 degrees C comes as a by- product of the air conditioning plant

ENERGY CONSERVATION THROUGH BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AUTOMATION at Beaumonde the Fern An Ecotel, one of the leading hotels in Kerala

•           Monitored ventilation in public areas like banquets, meeting rooms, etc


•           Distribution pumps are controlled to distribute chilled water as per load through variable frequency drives (VFD).  Suitable adjustments are made of set points of chillers based on external temperature.  Setting at higher or lower points will depend on temperature.


•           Kitchen exhaust activated only when necessary.


•           Treated fresh air is on control

•           Guest concurrence by green button.  Increase points in the guestroom by two degrees.


•           STL charging and discharging are decided on concessional and penal tariff timings.


•           Maximum peak demand is pegged to the permissible maximum by selectively shutting off non-critical equipment.


•           Lighting in public areas toilets are switched on/off based on occupancy sensors


•           Individual guestroom, A/c, lights operate through key tags and one touch bedside control panel.


At this brilliant hotel in Cochin,when a guest voluntarily presses the ‘Eco-button’ on the bed-side panel, the thermostat of the room’s air-conditioning unit is stepped up by 2oC. The resultant savings in electricity are translated into rupee terms by a central computer, displayed on the guest profile and folio and a certificate is issued to the guest. This hotel in Cochin is one among the very few hotels in Kerala which have introduced the key card system wherein the lights and AC are activated only as the Guest’s card is inserted into the Energy Saving Device.

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