Walk for Green Tourism

Walk for Green Tourism

Holding rallies and other similar public events (if enough people can be persuaded to come) is a very effective campaign tool. Holding mass meetings with speakers is powerful as it shows visually, through the number of people in attendance, the support that the campaign has. Now Green Tourism has a new and innovative role model in Cochin. If political parties and trade unions can adopt this method to gain public attention and successful propagation of their campaign, so can a Hotel even if it is a Five Star Luxury Hotel. The end justifies the means, says the adage. And everything is fair in war; indeed we are involved in a war, a war against waste, irresponsible exploitation of natural resources and the list can be extended ad infinitum according to the fertility of one’s imagination.

Green Team of Beaumonde the Fern An Ecotel Cochin celebrated National tourism day to increase understanding and awareness about Green tourism. On this occasion, they have presented a rally by walking on the Highways along with the children of Janseva Shishu bhavan, an Institute for destitute children in Cochin on 25th January 2014.
Apart from any green significance the action may have, it gives a glimpse into another dimension of the mission for luxury with responsibility, something the Fern Hotels and Resorts are crusading for ever since its inception.


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