The Cooperative Leaf Game

The Cooperative Leaf Game

There is a game played in the Schools called Cooperative Leaf Game. All it needs is a large leaf.
The teacher waits till all the children are lined up in a straight line, one behind the other. Then out comes the leaf. Preferably a banana-leaf but it could be the leaf of a canna plant. It is given to the first child very ceremoniously. “Take this leaf. Hold it above your head, don’t drop it, pull it carelessly or tear it. Pass it backwards over your head to the child behind you. Don’t look back. Once you hand it over, stand still.”Those are the instructions.
The second child receives the leaf very gently, and taking care not to drop it or bend it out of shape, passes it over his or her head backwards to the third child and so on till the leaf reaches the end of its journey in the hands of the last child. The last leaf-receiver gives it back to the teacher who would hold it up for all to see.
The purpose of the lesson is to teach children how to handle all of Nature, which belongs to all of us collectively. Everyone is equally responsible for “land health”. The leaf is the messenger of the Earth. The Earth is like the leaf and is to be treated respectfully. The success of the group as a whole depends on the leaf remaining intact, hence it is important to emphasize that there is to be no grabbing and that everyone has to wait patiently till the leaf reached him or her. The teacher could then ask, “How much time would it have taken for the leaf to grow to its present size? How much time will it take for us to shred and destroy it? Does not a forest take a long time to grow?”
The message this game conveys is too good to be one for little children alone. In the world we live in today, it holds great value for grownups, individuals, groups, companies and organizations.
It is indeed heartening to note how at least some of the Corporate members of our society such as Beaumonde the Fern An Ecotel Cochin are conscious of their Environmental responsibility and how they are making efforts to fulfill it. Look at this pic showing their Green members joining hands with the Cochin Corporation to clean up the land around them!!


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