Transfer the Reward you Get to the Environment!!

Transfer the Reward you Get to the Environment!!

Can you imagine this! Although it sounds a bit out of the world when you hear it for the first time, it is true and happening here and now! At Meluha The Fern Mumbai, the environment is rewarded too. They provide long-term sponsorship of a tree in your honour under The Fern’s unique loyalty programmes where you receive the highest value in points and amazing, instant benefits as soon you register and allow points to be converted to cash as a donation to NGOs that work on environment projects. Isn’t this something unbelievably fascinating and exotic?
Let me try to familiarize you with the salient features of this loyalty programme so that next time you are in Mumbai you can check into this outlandishly luxurious Hotel which is also keen on running Hospitality with Responsibility.
Green Cover
Your insurance for a greener tomorrow, the Green Cover loyalty programme is Meluha the nnFern’s way of saying thank you for your continued support. A unique programme with the highest reward ratio at 4% per INR 100 spent, Green Cover is open to all with the most welcoming membership guidelines. By becoming a member of Green Cover you express a great gesture and your concern for the environment.

Green Cover Benefits
• Meluha the Fern sponsors a tree in your honour
• You receive instant benefits upon joining
• Three complimentary upgrade vouchers that can be used from the next visit
• A return of 4% on rooms and 3.75% on F&B via reward points earned i.e. INR 10,000 x 4% = 400
• Super 1:1 value per point to INR
• Receive an INR 1,000 gift voucher when you reach your first 1,500 points
• Fully transferable reward points and gift certificates
• Support an NGO with donated reward points

Too good to be true!! This is just another example of using our intelligence…humanity’s most powerful weapon, resource …whatever you may call it….to prepare for tomorrow….instead of trying to change tomorrow. Meluha the Fern has its focus on adapting…inventing…innovating.


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