The Lion & The Kids

If you ever come face-to-face with an Asiatic lion pride this year, please remember to smile. Apart from their stunningly majestic beauty, you’ve most likely seen a cub as well.

Over 40 cubs were born in the last season – 2013; that almost 10% of the population. We’re in the midst of a baby boom & loving it! And now, we’re celebrating it too!

The Sasan Gir reserve in Gujarat is the only place in the world to meet the Asiatic lion. For many, meeting them puts things in perspective and unreservedly brings out the child-like wonder in all without fail. Seeing a lion pride or even a solitary one suddenly brings alive the textbooks and childhood stories. From that moment on for a few lovely minutes, all else fades away. The world can wait, we’re here, now. So this is what a lion looks like, WOW!

The big cats are regal but are ultimately kittens at heart. The cubs are cuter. Yes, we’re biased. Our resort at Sasan Gir, The Fern Gir Forest Resort, is celebrating these little beauties. A new bulletin board in the resort’s lobby keeps a track of some of the cubs with their pics, latest location & stats among other trivia. Its a new initiative that’s getting rave reviews, especially from the kids.

The cubs currently on the board are Malika, Vanraj, Shardul, Yuvraj and Heer. They are Laxmi’s cubs and are already famous, featuring in news articles just weeks after they were born. Each of the 40 cubs also have names, given by the forest rangers who invariably have developed a deep familial bond with the lions.

These little ones are now 9-10 months old and developing fast. As they grow, they are evolve their own personalities and distinctive markings. The markings are important for us. Each is unique mainly because they are often scars, ‘earned’ from wrestling as cubs or hunting & internal fighting. Thats how we keep track of them.

On your next visit to The Fern Gir Forest Resort, Sasan Gir, look for the latest updates of these famous five, their friends or perhaps, even a new generation of lion cubs.

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