I Make Oxygen, What Do you do?

I Make Oxygen, What Do you do?

Every plant, shrub and tree around me seems to be shrieking this question at me.
“While giving the permission to chop trees, the Social Forestry (SF) department had insisted that the DMRC should plant at least 10 saplings and nurture them in place of every tree that is cut down. As the compensatory planting of trees for the Kochi Metro rail project has ran off the rail for want of land, the Forest officials are scouting for land in the city for planting the saplings. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) officials have admitted that they were unable to find land for planting saplings in the city. It is estimated that the DMRC may have to axe at least 1,200 trees for completing the project for the proposed alignment of the metro project.”
The above News item set me thinking. Isn’t it a bit strange? In a State flushed by Nature’s bountiful greenery how can this be possible, that planting of tree saplings meets with a dead end for want of land?
It is here that Corporate entities and Institutions in Cochin should show their determination to protect and cherish the Environment they are gifted with, unlike any other City in India.
There are, however, exceptions like Beaumonde the Fern An Ecotel Hotel, Cochin who have come up with exemplary Green Activities without being prompted by any Governmental or non-Governmental agencies. Beaumonde the Fern has planted hundreds of saplings in different parts of the city in and around the hotel premises as part of their Green Team Efforts towards the noble goal of a Greener Cochin. Beaumonde The Fern, Kochi which is located in the city centre of Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala, strives hard to adhere to the Go Green factor; set amidst lush green surroundings it offers peace and tranquility to the guests.
But, wait a minute. I am far from suggesting that one can be complacent about what they are doing. There is work infinite to be done if we wish to hand over the earth in the ‘as is where is’ condition we found it to future generations. Amid increasing concerns across the world for the necessity of looking after the Environment which surrounds us, the one consoling aspect is that Beaumonde the Fern An Ecotel Cochin is doing the little they can.


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