Thank You For Saying Yes

We agonise over a lot of things we do for our guests; is the hot water reaching you at the right temperature, was the check-in process seamless, are our eco-friendly practices achieving their intended impact.

Being environmentally sensitive is who we are at The Fern, it defines us. We’ve being doing it from 1996, many, many years. We love it and find it hard to think of a time without cross checking if we can make the simplest task more eco-friendly. A lot of what we do goes beyond the ‘normal’ realm of hospitality. Our new website has a synopsis of our main activites. We’re thinking of expanding upon it in a special section of this blog.

The Fern Club room @ The Fern, Jaipur

So THANK YOU for saying yes. One of the issues we agonise over is whether you – our guests – appreciate our eco-practices. We know at some level, everyone feels a tinge of regret at how the Earth’s being shortchanged. Though to get a true pulse of what you think, we have to ask specific questions, directly. Yes or now. Why & how.

An overwhelming number said they appreciate our eco-practices, thank you especially to those who apologised for not acknowledging it earlier. A smile and nod is enough most often, though a review on Tripadvisor is also welcome.

More posts to follow on this wonderful topic. In the meantime, please visit our new website


2 thoughts on “Thank You For Saying Yes

  1. Nice Blog ! We are reading your blogs regularly and they are really interesting providing maximum information on your properties. Your concern towards saving the environment is noteworthy. Thanks for sharing this information and keep it up

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