A Valentine’s Day Special

Its this week and there’s no escaping it. Valentine’s Day is a day we look forward to at The Fern. There’s a fair amount of stress, a lot at stake and so many wonderful moments that eventually make up for the stress.

Watching Valentine’s Day evolve over the years is a timelapse movie of our society and ourselves. Fashion and the choice of music are the most notable markers of change. In comparison to the gent, the lady’s fashion has changed virtually every year, so distinct it amazes us at its pace. So this is a yearly surprise we look forward to.

Music, well that’s entirely dependent on the age of the person requesting it. The classics of the seventies and eighties still hold strong though they’re not as firm as they were a decade ago. Modern music hits are asked for by the young set, so its heartwarming to see the new romantics find their feet. Yet some tunes bring a smile to us no matter the situation. When dinner’s in full swing and we’re focussed on giving you the best experience, you may see a quick smile flash upon us. That’s because the tunes are classics, having endured for decades and are requested almost every Valentine’s Day. They are old friends, so naturally we smile.

Romance is both timeless and fresh every time. As we prepare for the most romantic meal of the year, we follow time-honoured traditions that so many look forward to while we try and also keep it relevant to new romantics. Requests for special dinners are the most popular across The Fern family of 19 hotels & resorts. Pink and red continue as the default colours of choice. The candles, champagne and soft music will return too.

If you’ve not made a booking, please do so quickly. You really do not want to take a chance and keep her waiting for a table! Romance, like a Valentine’s Day meal is not rushed. Five course dinners are the norm at our restaurants. Dinner with a view is a bonus, something our wonderful Sasan Gir resort is offering this year. Exclusive tables that overlook the meandering Hiran river in the tranquility of the Gir forest reserve. The deep, rich baritone roar of the lions often carry over a long distance in the still jungle air. That’s nature’s music!



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