Keeping New Year Commitments – To The Environment

Its the first week of February 2014. By now, a large number of resolutions made over New Year’s eve are looking tough to keep. Its the natural law of attrition.

This got us thinking. So this year we asked ourselves if we could actually keep our New Year’s resolutions long enough to beat the average stats of these things, perhaps long enough to be … year-round.

For us at The Fern, two priorities stand above all else; guest experience and the environment. The term ‘environment’ is really broad, almost all encompassing, to include community, team and the natural environment. There’s a lot for us to choose from, which perhaps, as the experienced ones know, can be risky. Success means keeping it simple and down to a few resolutions only.


Now how does a brand built on environment sensitivity keep the list short? We’re in the process of figuring it out. The first people we consult of course is the team. The Fern has 3000+ team members at 19 locations across India. Getting all their views calls for a special survey. Our team loves to share, invariably, this has thrown up a vast amount of questions, suggestions and challenges. That’s what resolutions are for.

How many do we choose & can we keep them. There’s more to come…

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