10 Top Tips To Save AC Power

Air-conditioners or coolers are the amongst the most power hungry appliances in both homes & offices. Here are 10 top tips on how to convert this into a win-win situation for you i.e. reduce the consumption & save a lot of money in return.

  1.  8 hours of AC use (1-ton AC) results in approximately the same ‘Carbon Footprint’ as from driving an average Indian car for 85 kilometers. Turn the AC off for at least 10% of the time. Reducing the use of this  high-energy consuming appliances is by far the most effective means of reducing your footprint – even better than replacement with better technology.
  2. An AC uses 3-5% less energy for each degree set above 22°C (71.5°F); Setting the thermostat of your room air conditioner at 25°C (77°F) will therefore result in 10 to 15% energy and footprint savings without compromising comfort too much.
  3. Using ceiling or room fans along with the AC allows you to set the thermostat higher because the air movement will cool the room.
  4. Clean the air-conditioner filter every month. It allows the unit to cool down quickly and use less energy.
  5. Minimise use of the ‘outside air’ option. Energy consumption for cooling the incoming outdoor air is significantly greater than energy required to re-circulate the already cooled indoor air.
  6. A very important step: figure out the right size needed. Oversized air conditioners cycle on and off more frequently. Also, they do not dehumidify as much, reducing comfort levels and causing users to set thermostat temperatures even lower. Result: higher electricity bills and larger footprint.
  7. Put an electronic timer switch and digital thermostat in old ACs to monitor and control the fan speed.
  8. Its best to not place any heating equipment like light,TV, room heater near to air conditioner thermostat.
  9. Place the air conditioner outside unit in a shade or below a tree shade. This helps to consume 10% less energy.
  10. As far as possible, invest in the highest BEE rated AC.

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