A Tree For Every Lady On International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, we sponsored one tree for each lady guest staying at any of our 24 locations across India on that day. Over 100 guests received a dedication.

A tree is a life giver and sustainer, an essential part of our eco-system, just like a lady. With gratitude, respect and love, we honour their contribution and hope to encourage a good tradition.

“Women’s Day has been an active social movemment since 1909, bringing with it immeasurable empowerement and progress. We actively support equality in all aspects of life, everyday. This is our humble gesture on this significant day,” said Mr. Param Kannampilly, Chairman & Managing Director, Concept Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.Planting a tree for lady guests

In association with Grow-Trees.com, a CSR organisation, each lady guest received a sapling in her honour, planted in one of six managed forests across India. These were from a selection of 25 species, simultaneously indigenous and productive to the region such as Papaya, Mahua and Neem. In addition, she will receive an e-certificate, explaining the location and type of her tree which will be nutured on her behalf for years to come.

– PressNote


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