Mission Emission Control!

With all that talk about how much carbon dioxide is released in the air, one would wonder that something be done to control this evil release of a gas that is known to cause problems to us today or tomorrow. Since we cannot filter and control, the next best thing is to monitor and restrict.

Thus came into being the concept of carbon credits. These credits are our attempts to keep the various green house gas emissions under check. A smart thing done by countries that came together and signed an agreement named the Kyoto Protocol. A single credit is equivalent to 1 ton of carbon dioxide or equivalent gases released in the air.

Every country is assigned a fixed credit. Developed countries, mostly European, had said that they will bring down the level in the period from 2008 to 2012. In 2008, these developed countries have decided on different norms to bring down the level of emission fixed for their companies and factories. The goal is to make companies go down the green route through mutual agreement and market mechanisms that bring about a change in the industrial processes either by way of replacement or by upgrading process, thereby making them greener.

There are also many companies that sell carbon credits to commercial and individual customers who are interested in lowering their carbon footprint on a voluntary basis. So it’s like a clan of earth loving entities that bring about change by way of contracts rather than the traditional means of campaigns.


2 thoughts on “Mission Emission Control!

  1. As part of our Eco-friendly activity with the motto of “Clean Kochi, Green Kochi”, we the “Green Team” of Beaumonde The Fern, First Five Star Ecotel Hotel, Kochi, owned & developed by KGB hospitality and falls under the well-known brand of Fern Hotels & Resorts presented by the Concept Hospitality Limited had done a “Clean Drive” at Bus shelter of south junction chittoor road ernakulam, and distributed green drive leaflets to general public on 12/12/12. The idea is to motivate the general public to adopt Eco-friendly initiatives thereby save our Mother Nature. Staffs & executives have participated in the “Clean Drive”.

  2. Inspired from our slogan Reduce Reuse Recycle The green team of Beaumonde the fern had decided to celebrate a Green Christmas this year!!! In this regard we have made a Christmas tree with reused items. The base is made up of used plastic bottles (262 Numbers) and the leaves are made up of used magazine papers 20 old Magazines). The decorations are made up by used caps of bottles and lights are LEDs which have less power consumption.

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