The World in our Palms.

When we think of a holiday, we invariable picture a serene island with blue waters; white sands spiked with beautiful palms of coconuts trees that add to the glory of a paradisical land waiting to welcome you! Ever asked a young child to paint the beach, it always starts with those flowery palms that flirt with the sunshine up above the waters. But did you ever ponder over the fact that the coconut palm tree under which you line up your chair is one of the most versatile living entities in this whole wide world.

From the roots to leaf tips, this tree can be used in many ways. Coconut milk is used for making coconut oil as well as a medicine to treat minor ailments. Not to forget, the lovely Caribbean and oriental flavors all thanks to coconut milk! Coconut oil nourishes your scalp and can be used for soaps and cosmetics while the meat can be used in candles and as a product for many recipes.

The fiber from the coconut husk can be used to make mats; the juice is good for kidney problems while the sap, which is kind of sweet, can be fermented into an alcoholic beverage or vinegar. Leaves from the tree can also be used to make various patterns in roofs of rural and sea-side settlements and the trunk can be turned into canoes or rafters. All this while the very useful fruit keeps the Pina coladas flowing!

Something as abundant such as these lovely palms can truly serve our needs in a green manner if more of us can tap into the valuable store of resources this tree has to offer! The natives have already realized eons ago and it’s now time for the new world to systemize this process and get the most out of what the planet has to offer!


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