Have a Nice Day.

It’s a pleasant morning on a beautiful holiday and you plan to spend it indoors. Well mostly. Let’s discuss how one can go about spending the day on a personal level in a simple and green manner. Just some musings penned down. You start off with a stretch. Get out of bed, make a move to the kitchen counter and eat healthy breakfast. Fresh and not canned. Instead of hitting the gym go for a cycle ride around the neighborhood instead. While you are at it you could pick up the groceries so you don’t have to make that extra trip. You are set for a simple lunch at home.

Go for easy-to-cook recipes that cost you less time and get done faster with fresh stock from the local markets sparing you time to clean and wash. Cook well and save resources. A green meal for a great day. You could follow it up with a nice read by the window or some work done at your garden if you have one. An evening stroll around the neighborhood would be a great way to meet people and socialize, surely a nice way to spare some time for people instead of tasks and duties like you would on other days.

You could end you day with a simple dinner by the fireplace or candles on the table. Wrap things up with some soothing music and a dessert made from fresh fruits to call it a day. A day like this once a month and you will find that you are in touch with yourself, your soul, your inner consciousness.

Sometimes, you don’t need a fancy dinner, a party, a movie, a concert to call it a day. For those of you who do more just for doing’s sake, there is another way of spending a a day off from work. One that is much simpler, and which leaves you more relaxed that fatigued. Just a shout out to all of you out there who believe, less is more and life isn’t all about extravagance.


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