sMo(c)king humanity.

Smoking is injurious to health. Period. Message to the health conscious. Smoking is injurious to the environment. Message for the whole world. What would it take for one to stop smoking or never take up the habit in the first place? It is addictive, it is discomforting to others and it harms the lungs and the planet. Reason enough to reconsider? Sadly not for most people.

Smoking is a personal activity that affects us all. 4000 deadly gases in a 3 inch cylinder, 5 minutes of fumes with an hour of odor and a lifetime of damage to the environment. 1 habit worth it all? From a liking for the flavor and fumes of tobacco, to a daily requirement to ‘beat stress’, smoking has turned into a ‘must-do’ activity for many! Tobacco consumption goes way back to 5000-300 BC. But with the commercialization of cheap and easily available cigarettes, this personal activity is becoming a public problem.

The harm that a cigarette causes begins even before the first spark of a lighter. Workers working in a manufacturing unit suffer from lung ailments due to close proximity. All that land required to grow tobacco could have yielded crops instead, cigarette paper that turns wood to ash, the leftover butts that pose a problem, the fires caused each year that take up thousands of gallons of water to douse.

If you are a smoker, do think about all this before you light into your next one. If you do not smoke, well, don’t. It is not fun. The media may glorify the sight of all that smoke from the nostrils, but in reality, the picture is quite different indeed.


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