Abroad Minded Approach?

So the time has come for you to pack up and catch that midnight flight to a distant land. You have been waiting long for this one and now you are all ready. Looking forward to that special experience of new cultures and lifestyle! The thrill of going abroad.

The thrill is fine and makes for an active and happy camper; one that follows every culture, tradition, rule and social requirement to the best of his/her ability. This includes making sure every wrapper finds a bin and every rule is followed. But why be so concerned and compassionate towards the land of visit and not for the land of birth? This has been a notable trend seen in the travel and hospitality industry among travelers. While we support responsible tourism, it is saddening to see that the same measures cannot be implemented in the mother land all for lack of understanding and a feeling of social obligation.

We must remember that green and clean living starts from ones home. It is from there that one can carry forward these habits and make for a great living! While most of us do the right thing abroad simply to stay out of trouble, we can do the same as a duty towards our land. One of the reasons why any place fails to attract tourists is because we as citizens keep it that way.

No tourist location would ever be popular if everyone, from a local, to a visitor as well as the government takes care of the place and keeps the crowd coming for more. We are ignorant because we feel everything is ok in your own home. But your mother land is also home to many others; plants, animals, neighbors and visitors! Happy travelling. Happy living.


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