Peace of advice.

It started with the fight against the elements. Once we mastered that, we fought for food. Once settled, we fought for land. With boundaries in place we began to fight for resources. This fight continues till date and no one seems to get anywhere. Along with everything else that goes wrong, a military operation also costs the planet a good chunk of its health!

There is no doubt why there should be no wars, no battles, no conflicts and no explosions. If land and resources are so precious to us, why destroy land and misuse resources for explosive operations in the process of trying to acquire the same? Any sort of conflict not only hinders certain important economic sectors like the hospitality industry, it also leaves behind damage that no health potion can repair. There is no question that there are too many layers in hierarchy for a common man to stop a bullet, what we can do as a race is to realize and respond. Say no to war, today and forever. It takes one to coax another.

Our collective consciousness could change the way the world works and accepts any military activity and that is what we can bank upon. Travelling is a good way to open up the mind to new cultures thereby developing mutual tolerance among people. One also realizes that there is much good in the world not to be destroyed by war and conflicts.

Stop favoring something that only leaves death and destruction. Support peace. So you can travel a world with no boundaries, so you can a world with no scars.


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