Opt to Adopt!

Marriage is an institution and child birth is had become like a tradition. There are a million reasons why one would like to bear a child. Apart from the joy of parenting, there is this incessant need among most to see young one who showcases traits particularly characteristic to one’s own ways!

Although it may seem like a compromise, it is quite a practical option to adopt instead. It not only lets you have the joy of parenting without the tough time during labor, it also gives a young soul a second chance at life. It is well known that a child learns a lot from how it is brought up. That pretty much sums it up judging by the way an adopted child grows up to be just as concerned about and appreciative of the parents as an ordinary child would!

If only more people would give it a thought and consider giving a life another chance, we would have lesser residents in an orphanage and more happy families instead of monthly visits to doctors for tests and remedial measures for child birth attempts, many of which may only shatter hearts of hopeful couples. The basic idea is simple and makes a lot of sense. Why worry when there are so many kids out there waiting to be nurtured and shown the way to a better more secure future? A chance at having a young one under your care?

There’s a lot of good waiting to happen in the world. It’s a beautiful place waiting to become only better. Make smarter and nobler choices now and the future will be cleaner, greener and happier!


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