The Issues with Tissues

Whether home, in office or on the go, one thing we always use and misuse is a pack of tissues! It’s the easiest way to tackle colds, messy table manners and damp hands after a wash. Comfort, as always, comes at a price. Every tissue you use is like cutting a limb off a tree.

Paper is one of the biggest reasons for trees to be cut and there’s no stopping that! They are in every way, the source of life for us. These tall structures represent the living and play a major role in the eco system. The irony is that these life giving wonders die each day just so that we live on. If we could only reduce usage of tissues, we could surely make a huge impact on our global paper needs.

Sophistication leads to excess usage of comfort products that may not make for a nature loving existence, but time constraints and habitual dependence on products keeps us from trying to lead a better, greener life. Top class hospitality properties make note of this and serve meals with cloths to go along with the fancy crockery instead of tissues that will forever turn a tree to powder. Imagine if only more people around the world substituted cloth for paper. This also applies to shopping bags where cloth can replace both plastic and paper!

There is only so much we have to ourselves. Changing our ways will take us far and help us one day look back and appreciate the choices we made. This is just a shout out to all those who may try to make a change!


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