Tap into the Rain!

So the rains have been pouring all around you. All that water on the streets and on the roofs. And here you are, reading articles that discuss water shortage. The irony may hit you every time you look outside the window, water gushing and all.

The unfortunate truth is that there indeed is a shortage of water, maybe not for you, but the less fortunate ones not so high up the social ladder. While you can keep working on your water saving skills, give fresh rain water a chance! Collect it and use it. You will find that this is a simple solution to basic water needs. Rain water harvesting has become a new and upcoming practice for people living in regions that receive high rainfall every year.

Now a days it has become simpler and cheaper to set up a rain water trapping system. Apart from basic gardening needs, rain water can also be used for indoor sanitary usage with minimal processing. When a community as a whole practices utilization of rain water, this could really ease some burden off the water supply agencies, therefore leading to a more self reliant and responsible social set up where in we can have our own solutions for our problems.

The next time you sit by the window sipping your hot coffee watching the heavens go berserk with the rains, remind yourself that you don’t have to wait for all that water to reach you sparingly after it completes the entire water supply cycle. You could simply tap into it domestically and be kind to society. As more of you adopt this practice, water will be plenty in the town reservoir to then be spread far and wide for cheap to those in needs!


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