Start with a Plant or Two!

Plush upholstery, quality wood, elegant lighting, top grade appliances, soothing wall colors. This seems to be a dream for everyone thinking of doing up their house. Rightly so, since that which pleases the eye, makes one happy. Here is a little something that brings home some green and visual appeal! A simple plant or two.

It turns out that most homes with a bit of plantation in or around the house appeal to residents and guests alike, especially in a city environment. How we benefit is that these give an earthy feel to the home. Believe it or not, we still have primitive instincts rooted deep within us that dictate our interest and comfort level with natural, organic things around us! Any which ways, a living space is way better with a living plant to go with it!

It is scientifically proven that the human eye is most responsive towards the color green. It naturally soothes the mind, man after all, being an animal by default! Also, plants oxygenate the air around them, giving you fresh air throughout the day. It is a known fact that early exposure to anything helps build habits and ideologies in children. Better familiarize your toddler with a beautiful little something that breathes and lives in the corner of your home than with something that promises no growth!

The simplest means to refreshing your eyes, mind and lungs comes free and it gives back more than it takes! Let’s be in touch with our nature loving side. Years later, the generations to come will look up to us for taking the greener route to life!


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