A Green Place to Call Your Own!

As you read this post, look around you. If you are lucky, you would see some empty space, maybe a lawn or two around you. While the city management tries its best to create gardens around you, one thing that you could take care of is your very own compact garden to be able to get the best of both worlds, the natural and the man made! All you require is little space and little time.

If you are still not sure as to how it may help you, think of all the vegetables and flowers you could grow for home or even to give away to loved ones in the neighborhood! Other than that, it also acts as a creative outlet for restricted minds in terms of landscaping and choice of plantations. For those who have seen their days at work or for the ones that work from home, gardening is like a pleasant change from the otherwise monotonous existence! It is easy and does not call for many investments.

A garden is basically your own little green land where you can work, play and find fulfillment. In a way it is like having a pet that never goes away! Apart from adding beauty to the land around you, it also provides us with precious oxygen that keeps our minds active.

So look around you and see if you could help yourself and the planet while also being able to feel productive by the end of it. All in your very own garden!


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