Green Technology

The world of today is more silicon and less metal or wood. Everything we see around us uses technology that takes years to develop but seconds to accomplish our desired goals. In a situation such as this, it becomes very important to keep a tab on any negative impacts to the planet simply because the scale and rate at which we are developing is magnanimous.

Rightly so, we have come up with a new way of building and innovating known as Green Technology or Clean technology. Green tech is the application of environmental science to conserve Mother Nature and curb the negative impacts of human activity.

There are a lot of things that come under Green Tech. Things like recycling and air/water purification. Another major aspect of Greentech is Solid Waste Management; something that has become important knowing how much waste we create. So much so, that Ecotels like the Fern group of Hotels and Resorts require having it as one of its pre requisite company policies in order to be certified Eco-friendly in practice. Apart from these, one needs to look into energy conservation as well as come up with ways to renew energy because excess energy consumption is a major drawback with many upcoming technologies.

Most businesses across the world are now looking to go green because green is the future of any new venture. Do remember to buy green products and insist on using services that promise to exercise eco-friendly practices. This is where you step foot onto the green boat that leads to the future!


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