A Sincere Message.

So what is it with us not being able to give back to the planet to the extent we take from it? It becomes difficult for most to realize just how much we plunder. The beauty about the planet does not lie in how we, one species, live happily while others suffer. The beauty lays in the fact that such a vast diversified system can self sustain within itself just as long as each element plays its role and does not deviate from what it was meant to do.

We, the humans, seem to have gone astray and made ourselves our own destiny pulling down everything else with us. While its all OK to live, enjoy and celebrate, there are some limits that we need to look out for, especially at this stage! The key word is Responsibility. Without being able to achieve anything in a graceful manner, we will never truly be a race that can be proud of our existence.

As we go about fulfilling our dreams and making for ourselves a perfect little sphere that gives us all we need, we must all remember that we belong to something much larger than mankind and that something may not suffer because of what we call civilization. There is nothing civil in living life at the expense of the very planet that supports us.

We urge all to make tiny changes in their lives and be able to reduce the harm we cause everyday to the environment. It may be as small as remembering to switch off an appliance when not in use. Good luck being human, may we be able to make the most of now, because we may be the only ones left one day!


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