The Tiger. Our National Animal they say…

It is now around 6 months since we saw the Save a Tiger campaign come into being. When thinking about wildlife conservation, what comes to mind is the plight of the Indian tiger. It is disturbing to see what the big cat has been through over the years despite the fact that it is India’s national animal!

One cannot help but wonder what is going wrong out here. Recently there was a report stating that in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, a tiger skin can fetch you 5 kgs of uncooked rice! This is roughly equivalent to 250-300 INR, as much as a plain white tee shirt would cost in Mumbai. This is alarming as well as disturbing. The Sariska Tiger reserve in the state of Rajasthan once lost all its tigers to poachers and for more than a year, no one even knew about the matter.

There is serious lack of concern for wildlife in the country and it is clear that such ineptness cannot be without the involvement of authorities. This is scary, because we now have only about a thousand tigers left. On top of that, we have issues of many sorts regarding other wildlife. How one may fight it is a dilemma of un-imaginable proportions.

When you see women selling claws and whisker of endangered animals in broad day light, it seems there is no way to try and stop this from happening. We urge all of you, only to be aware and outspoken on the issue to spread the message. This is the little we can do.


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