Fly Away! Never to return?

Birds are more than just pretty creatures flying in the sky for us to admire. They are extremely important to the eco system. From transporting seeds over long distances to regulating insect populations, these avian creatures really play an important role!

The problems start when they start disappearing, like the noticeable decline in the number of House Sparrow and Common Indian Myna populations from the urban areas. There are various reasons for the decrease and many have to do with the fact that mankind has evolved too fast.

Even things like unleaded petrol have known to affect the populations of insects on whom the birds thrive. Believe it or not, many birds used to sustain themselves on grains falling off of gunny bags at storage facilities and homes. With the plastic bags taking over, grains are more secure and have left the birds hungry. There are also issues with mobile telephone towers that interfere with bird metabolism and biology, thereby affecting them and forcing them to migrate. Sadly, these are facilities that we cannot stop using and to most, bird migration is too small a side effect to the comforts that these can offer.

Time will tell whether or not we are able to create parks that act as sanctuaries for birds or will we one day live on a planet where we won’t see anything without an engine take off! Some arrange shoe boxes with tiny entrance-holes. Some toss a fistful of grains in the yard. Most look up at the evening sky and take in the sight of birds shining amber against the setting sun. What would you do?


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