The Happy Camper!

Camping and trekking during the monsoons seems like a great idea for an outing. Especially with a life in the city, you may find it fulfilling and refreshing to make such a trip because it really does bring one close to nature. While it is a liberating experience, given that we can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, there are some guidelines to follow in this respect.

The first basic rule is that we must never leave anything behind. It’s important that a camper does not change anything in the environment. Being at camp does not in any way give us the right to litter and destroy. Everything from a wrapper to cups and glasses must be either carried back or appropriately disposed. Ideally, it is wise to take care of any trash left behind by previous campers too.

Leftovers must be disposed off correctly in order to make sure that the fragile eco-system does not get affected. Another very important point is to make sure that we make a small fire and that too on sites already utilized by previous campers rather than clearing new space for the same. Avoid burning rubbers or plastics under any circumstances unless for medical or safety purposes.

Being among Mother Nature means we forget our city-bred attitudes behind because it’s not like we are going to allow an animal in our house and let it remain wild! We must adjust, or leave. And leave, we must in a manner that we do not end up deteriorating the environment. Camping is the best way to celebrate, appreciate and understand nature in all its glory and this beauty will remain only if we let it! Stay green and happy camping!


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