The Fern: Green on the outside too!

This has been the official environment friendly month for the world as 5th of June is world environment day. On a day such as this, nature lovers all across the world are supposed to come together and take initiative on something that may help the planet or at least coax others to do so.

This is the least one can do for the planet. As an individual, a business, a group, a club, a country or even as the world, there needs to be a common act of defiance against all that is wrong and all that needs to be corrected.

Keeping in mind the above fact; we as an Eco friendly hotel had to do our bit for the planet as well. Apart from the various certifications that we have managed to acquire in terms being able to function as per the Ecotel certification standards, we thought we might as well do something more visible to everyone, because sometimes, we need to reach out to people for that extra push!

As a result, the green team at the Fern Ecotel Jaipur decided to organize a silent march on Saturday, 5th of June as a means to show the world that we are green even outside the hotel premises! The 4km march was a huge success as many people from the streets joined us.

We were able to give away many a saplings as well as plants for home decor to people. Staff members from the hotel were enthusiastic as ever as they marched on with banners and posters in hand with eco-friendly messages.

We hope we can do this and more every now and again as it will really mean a lot to out fabulous patrons as well as bring about a positive change of attitude in and around the Fern Hotel and essentially the world through blogs and picture uploads!


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