What we think of a Zoo…

Natural beauty generally encompasses plants, topography and animal life. To make these more accessible to the public for tourism purposes we may construct gardens, man-made landscapes and zoos. However, speaking of zoos, one cannot help but wonder how we can confine animals in an enclosure when in fact they are meant to live free in the wild.

This is an arguable topic; one which may not yield a clear verdict as to whether or not, it is correct to exhibit animals behind fences and walls. Either ways, there are zoos all around the world and the next best thing to do is to figure out a way to run them efficiently with utmost care and attention given to the animal’s every need.

Every animal has its own requirements in terms of weather condition, minimal space required, diet etc. These are probably the most important factors when it comes to maintaining an enclosure. After all, one cannot celebrate nature by changing the way it needs to exist and this also applies to animal life. A zoo shall therefore only be safe and comfortable if nature comes before man behind those wrought iron gates!

Since every animal lover looks forward to witnessing a creature that is living in a healthy condition, a zoo may provide for the correct platform given that every staff member and authority takes full responsibility of maintaining an environment that is safe as well as comfortable both for the animal as well as people that come and visit.

All in all, if a zoo must exist, it may as well follow certain norms and guidelines keeping in mind first, the inhabitants, and then the guests. Visiting a sanctuary is a better way of experiencing nature but that’s another story altogether!


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