And what about the animals?

Animals are very much a part of nature, just like plants and trees. They are extremely important to us and as is so often seen, they even make for great companions!

While the ones out in the wild are lucky to be where they ought to, we may as well spare a thought for the ones that live among us. As most nature lovers would agree, animals face a lot of problems in our localities, cats and dogs especially. A good way of being green is to ensure that these creatures enjoy a better life, either by providing them with medicines, food and shelters outdoor or by letting them stay indoors.

Since we cannot stop taking up all their space, we could let them into ours. It’s really the least we could do now that we cannot back off their land! Any animal may be a good pet as long as one promises to provide it with the best of care and dedicate time for its upbringing. There are organizations like PETA as well as small groups like World For All that make sure that one knows how to go about helping another life!

After all, being eco friendly is all about caring for what we received from the planet as a gift and not as a personal asset to misuse. Sometimes it is as simple as making sure the innocent creature has had something to eat. You can start with a meal and maybe end up with a lifelong relationship! For animals, do what you can, while you can. Because that is what makes us green, makes us human!


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