The Nature Photography Contest!

So you took a really nice picture and want to do more with it than to just keep it as your desktop image?

Here’s a chance to win yourself a free night’s stay (for 2) at the Fern Ecotel Hotel! All you have to do is:

Just go to the Fern Ecotel Fan page and upload pictures on the wall that can be categorized under nature photography.

You may tag friends on the picture (this could get you more likes and comments).

The winner will be declared on the basis of the visual appeal of the picture and the comments and likes one receives from other fans. He/she wins a free One Night’s stay at the Fern Ecotel Hotel in Jaipur. What’s more? The winner can avail of the free stay winthin one year from the time of the contest!!


1) The picture should have been clicked by you. If we find that the picture has been sourced off the internet, we sorry 🙂

The picture must be real, not animated. It must be original, not edited using softwares. (You are allowed to watermark it)

2) Winner gets to stay in one of the Winter green rooms of our Hotel. Dates subject to availablity.

3) By one night’s stay we mean, check in by 12 am today and check out by 12 am tomorrow. A full 24 hours of pure luxury at the Fern Ecotel Hotel. If you wish to stay longer, we will simply discount the expense for one day from the grand total!

4) Moderator reserves the right to decide who wins the weekly contest.

5) Winner will be announced only after upload of minimum of 30 snaps (number subject to change as the contest pics up) OR 7 days from the last victor.

P.S.: We feel everyone has nature appreciation programmed into them… Just grab a camera and capture the elements the way you see them! As a hobby, it can really relax your mind and remind you that there is still something beautiful left in the world to fight for! So go ahead and have a happy time seeing and smiling! Because life can take you away from beauty and take the beauty out of your mind! Contest or not, something that appeals visually, can really soothe your mind!


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