Naturally, I like what I see!

Nature overwhelms us with sights that can never be replicated by man. From the side of a mountain to the patterns on the wing of an insect, there seems to be something very magical in terms of how it never seizes to amaze us. It’s almost as if we humans, maybe even animals, are genetically wired to appreciate nature in all its forms.

In ancient Greek history, one would speak of Phi. We also refer to it as the Divine Proportion. It is claimed that most things in nature follow a ratio of 1.618 in terms of design patterns and it is this uniformity that we subconsciously perceive as visually appealing. Although not completely confirmed as one that occurs everywhere, this figure may explain why we appreciate specific forms and designs in Mother Nature!

Our collective sense of aesthetics may be derived from this uniformity that allows each of us to like or dislike certain sights. It is also the basis of professions like designing, architecture and, to a great extent, nature photography! Perhaps visual appeal may, in fact, be the only reason why we have preserved the little bit of nature instead of plundering deep into the planet’s womb!

We, at The Fern, believe that all that is natural should be preserved and celebrated with care and compassion. To study and document nature’s designs surely makes one more eco-friendly in deeds and green by thought! Self expression of having experienced Mother Nature in all its glory transcends into art forms like dance, music, aesthetics and literature as well as more technically demanding art forms like nature photography! So when it comes to encountering a beautiful sight around you, start practicing the art of staring and sharing!


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