So what’s in a name?

A hotel is a place where one forgets the life left behind. For some time, one can be at peace knowing everything is taken care of by the ever-awake workforce that runs the hotel. To add to it, with the launch of eco –friendly hotels like The Fern Ecotel in Jaipur, India, vacations are greener than ever and everyone is happy!

An hotel is therefore an Ecotel if it adheres to some set standards. The obvious ones are conservation of resources. Water, electricity and all the plastics, food, drinks and metals used up to cater to the needs of the elite. But one must understand that apart from the eco system, another aspect to the certification is to care for its own employees. This is only fair considering that these are the men and women that help make the trip a success, and in this case, the environment a much better place!

Taking care of the staff, essentially, means that there are no safety issues and that every employee must be well educated. This includes everyone from the guys behind the desk to those in the kitchen. A well-trained work force is an important productivity enhancement. Education benefits also show that a hotel property truly values its employees and their future.

Basically, an eco friendly hotel is a property that carries out fair trade and cares for all: the guests, the environment, the staff and itself! So the next time you plan to check in, look for the green label on the Hotel Brochure that says 100% Eco-friendly and have a nice stay!


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