Recycling. New beginning or last resort?

Today, nature lovers can be at peace knowing that a lot can be recycled with ease and therefore the world can use and forget. Eco friendliness comes with vocabulary that is specific and exclusive to those who believe in talking ‘green’. And green starts with the concept of recycling.

The word recycling has now become a house hold word and found its way on the packages of regular house hold items. While it may be reassuring in the age of shortages, one must know that there are some loopholes in the whole idea of recycling. First of all, recycling does not mean we give back to nature. We simply use more energy, transforming used up matter into another usable form. Secondly, not all recyclable material ends up being recycled. This means, we trust too much on a process that isn’t as promising as one would imagine it to be.

Recycling involves usage of energy and resources. Small town and city managements across the world do not end up recycling a lot of things that eventually end up in landfills and water bodies. This is the flipside of the whole story that many of us do not really think over. Psychologically, knowing that something can be recycled, one may end up overusing and misusing materials instead.

So the next time you purchase, do remember that the green label still does not mean that we are healing the world in any way, just causing lesser damage than before! Do insist on recyclable. Better still, try and use less!


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