Eco Friendly Pools!

When it comes to summer, we go to any lengths to keep ourselves cool. The simplest way to do this is by taking a dip in a swimming pool. Refreshing and fun, this is indeed the most exciting way of feeling cooler and fresher.

Swimming pools use up a lot of water. Enough to make an eco-friendly mind worry. They also make use of chemicals like chlorine. Every day, water in a pool is lost, both through evaporation and leakage into the ground below. While a leaking pool can be treated, an evaporating pool is a little difficult to treat.

This is where the concept of a green pool is given a second thought. Firstly one needs to make sure the pool isn’t leaking. This is the fastest way to lose all the water from the pool. Once that is taken care of, one needs to watch out for evaporation, especially if the pool is situated in a warm place under the sun. Pool-covers work well in this respect. These may not appeal to the eyes but will definitely keep the water from flying off. Smart heating techniques and an economic schedule will minimize wastage of precious electricity on heating solutions for pools.

In this respect, it is, in fact, desirable to have a small swimming pool instead of a huge one because one can make do with minimum resources to maintain it. Also, the water that is pumped out of the swimming pool may be used to water nearby vegetation. These are basic ideas but when backed by an eco sensitive intention, can really help save some resources for a clean yet green pool!


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