Celebration comes with a price!

Whether it’s a birthday, a festival or a party; with every occasion comes a host of activities and a battery of active hosts running to and fro to make a day of it. One thing that defines an occasion is the look and feel of the place.

The ambience at any public gathering is very important and should be one that is remembered for days to come. What sets the tone and, ideally, defines an occasion is the decoration, be it in a banquet hall, a garden, a house or an open arena.

Decoration usually means usage of materials that are more for the look and less for the need. This, in turn, points out to culprits like plastic and thermocol. Also, using fresh flowers is common practice especially in India during weddings and religious events. A disturbing reality, thus, surfaces. Celebration comes with a price. And to make up for the damages, both the host and the planet will need a whole lot of green! Sadly though, both have very different and often conflicting requirements.

The saving grace in the whole affair is that the world is now adopting a rather minimalistic approach towards design and flair. Good news is that this could decrease the use of harmful materials for decorative items that usually end up in a land fill or find their way into a water body after use.

Since one really cannot expect a decoration house or a 5 star property like the Fern Ecotel to avoid using measures to visually enhance the many rooms and halls, minimalistic and green are two adjectives that need to find their way in every wedding planner and decorator’s vocabulary soon! Luckily, eco sensitive businesses are already practicing what’s good, green and necessary!


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