Spend your green on something… well… green!

So you are at the store and you suddenly get this urge to be environment friendly while buying. You find your work cut short for you because you don’t know how to keep your trolley green. Well, with the right initiative, you need the right ideas too.

How do you figure out what is green and what’s not? Normally, most brands highlight eco friendly products in order to get a few more sales. Not too hard to find and, hence, no worries here. But for those who want to go eco on every purchase without having to hunt for those green labels on the pack, there are a few tips one can keep in mind!

First of all, buy in bulk. Whatever it is, you save plastic, as one big bag in a day is better than 4 small ones over a week. This is the best way to buy in an eco friendly manner, because bulk also means you will not spend precious energy and resources going to the store often. Next up, if you want green, you will need to shell out more green of the monetary sorts. This goes for most products as eco-friendliness usually comes with an increase in price. Since you really can’t put a price to mother nature, this may not be too much to ask.

You must also remember there are products in the market made from simpler manufacturing processes, like homemade sauces, modular furniture made from resin and recycled wood, paper bags and products with paper packages, juices have lesser chemicals than colas. In fact, gift shops usually are the ones to adopt environment friendly practices before other retails. So if possible, buy from one rather than going to the regular vendor. You may just make the planet happy!


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