When we think of green, we think, recycling, conservation, waste management and innovation. But the basis of green living is cleanliness. In a way, we must follow ‘greenliness’! Without a clean environment, there can be no friend of the environment. Cleanliness is therefore a prerequisite to eco-friendliness. But by cleaning, things do not simply get green, as the very act of cleaning needs to be eco-friendly in nature.

Green cleaning, as one may call it, would mean one must use non toxic cleaning products to keep oneself and the surroundings clean without a negative impact on the planet. This is achievable and on the rise world-wide now that science can tell us what every element does to our planet. It essentially involves using chemicals that do not cause damage to humans, wildlife and vegetation while also being effective at what they are manufactured to do. To clean and to sanitize. Fortunately such chemicals are now being developed and can be purchased in the market. One must make a smart choice at the next visit to the mall.

On the other hand, if possible, we may as well eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals and instead make use of organic materials to do the cleaning for us. This will ensure that the manufacturing process is greener, they are not harmful to the planer and are easily degradable when disposed. Since they were created my nature, they will be readily used up or broken down into core elements. This will indeed fulfill all the aspects of greenliness.

While it is not entirely possible to replace chemicals with that which is organic, we can certainly come up with a blend of the two! So be clean and stay green!


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