Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

One thing we humans know how to do well is use everything around us for our daily needs and activities. What we do not know too well is to make smart use of stuff. Instead of misusing, one can actually help the environment by using wisely.

Firstly we can simply reduce. Reduce usage, not resources. If we do this, we can really make a huge difference. If you know how much you need, you can then start reducing. Abundance is no more a sign of wealth and prosperity. Choosing ten from a dozen is smarter than wanting 13! Nowadays the reduction bug has bitten many businesses. Hotels like the Fern Ecotel regulate their monthly usage of materials.

If things cannot be used sparingly, maybe they can be used again. There are various alternative uses for a lot of materials and products. One can easily read up on the internet and make something out of nothing. There is scope for improvisation, one just needs to try. Plastics, paper, wood have various uses! There are so many options for the average household, so much so that even cooked food has multiple uses.

After reduction and reuse comes recycle, the mother of all eco-friendly words! One must remember that this is a last resort option, because recycling does not signify a free second life for the object. It is merely a means to salvaging whatever we can from what we plundered off the face of the planet. As green and friendly as the word may seem, do remember that to reduce and reuse is way better than recycling, because sadly, industrial recycling processes aren’t that energy efficient either.

Whether you are at work, at home or travelling, always remember, there is more than what we think there is, if only we know how to use it wisely. Being a consumer does not mean we can literally consume all we find on the platter because there is always another meal that follows.


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