Practically on the go!

So the time for another vacation is finally here. The trolleys are out; the heaps of clothes are ready to be stuffed right away. But before you begin dumping everything in and making your way out, there are a few things you need to consider. As it often happens, we will not stop till the bags are full. When the zipper struggles to shut, we consider ourselves ready to go!

This isn’t the best way to go at all. Firstly, a full bag isn’t always a well equipped one. Being cautiously generous in your packing may be a good idea but one must also remember that a full bag is a heavy bag. And it will slow you down. The result? You will end up relying on anything but your own two feet to go from one point to another. Secondly, another fallacy is that of carrying extra of everything. Green is all about practicality. And extra often ends up as waste. This isn’t smart.

One can also go for organic materials over synthetic processed ones. This is especially important in a place that preserves natural beauty and ecology. Carry less from home, use more of what you get at a destination and that way you can help local businesses grow too!

Hotels are doing their part by going green. The Fern Ecotel, Jaipur is one such green 5 star property. Nature comes before blind hospitality out here and as a result, the visitors are happy without having to hurt the environment. So practicality isn’t a far fetched myth but a reality. For the hotel and for the traveler!

Basically, practical travel has many facets. But with these basic ideas, one can make small differences and add to the bigger picture. One trip at a time!


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