What on Earth is Responsible Tourism?

With all those sports events happening around, one thing is for sure! People will travel the globe to catch their favorite players in the flesh! Tourism is a big industry, one that comes with its side effects though. Millions travel each day. And that can be a bad thing because anything without a motor attached to it has a hard time getting past the borders! This brings us to the point. What about all that fuel used up? And how do we deal with the pollution caused?

The carbon footprint left behind lingers a lot longer than the journey.  As some say, tourism is both a victim of and a contributor to climate change. Tightening it’s own leash for survival. Basically all these migrations harm the environment with sound, smoke and more. Planes are therefore designed to get quieter now. Experts are looking into alternatives like a mixture of coconut and babassu nut oils as fuel for airlines. The coconut shortage can be dealt with later.

Responsible tourism encompasses controlling noise/ air/ water/ land pollution caused due to any tourist activity. Tourism departments levy additional taxes to control the number of tourists per season. Visas are approved of in moderation. Cycling expedition and use of electric bikes to explore landscapes is also a good idea. Hotels now use green materials like eco-friendly paints and recycled wood etc. As for the travelers, well they just have to make a few smart choices. All you need to do is watch what you want and want what you need. Use what you need and spare what you don’t. Keep traveling. But be responsible!


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