Its hot as red, cold as blue! Are you clean as green?

We are beyond adapting today. We just change what is around us! We have the skills. And we would like to believe that we have ample resources too. So what do we do for the sweats and chills? Well the summers are quite hot. Not that the winters aren’t cold. So there we go, spending all that energy and those resources trying to fix ourselves a comfortable living space.

During the summer, we make use of air conditioners for cooling purposes. This releases a lot of CFC’s that harm the ozone layer. As air conditioning units become more affordable, this will rise. The alternative? Sadly, none at the moment, except that we can definitely reduce the ill effects. A smart design of the house can keep the warmth out and the coolness in. Also, eating fresh means lesser storage in the refrigerators. A little bit here and a healthier bite there, can therefore ensure that we need less electricity. Also, summer clothes are meant for a reason.

In winters, we face an inverse effect. In that case the fire places keep us warm but the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide released during combustion of firewood only make matters worse for the planet. Then we turn to heating units which, just like the AC’s, consume so much electricity ensuring that all those fossil fuels keep burning. So in this case, efficient tactics of how to keep the warmth in should be implemented.

Though it is not possible to replace heating or cooling mechanisms as of now, there is indeed a lot of scope for improvisation in terms of how one deals with extreme climatic conditions. Also, clever designing of living spaces that make use of physics and air characteristics can help reduce the need for the existing temperature control mechanisms. Next time whether in Africa of Alaska, you should know better. Just a little better.


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