Eco friendly cooking

Food is probably the most important factor when choosing a hotel or a restaurant. Luxury brings you comfort, but a good meal can bring you good moments. That lunch we had in Kerela last summer. That dinner we had gone for while on our trip to the Bahamas. The food can make or break a reputation. When we talk of hotels or restaurants with themes and unique characteristics, these essentially need to reflect in their cuisine as well! The new trend is eco-friendly hotels. That’s when the need for eco-friendly food comes into the picture.

Now there are a few things that can be done behind the kitchen counter. Like a lot of re-using and recycling. A more efficient usage of water and cooking gas can and will benefit both, the restaurant as well as the eco-system. The fresher the ingredients, the smaller the cooler needed to store stuff overnight. That saves some power. An open kitchen can bring in light and reduce the need for many lightbulbs. It also reduces the need for high powered exhaust fans. Solar electricity is another option. So are solar cookers! Smart usage of vessels also helps save water and soap.

Waste management is another area where restaurants can help make the whole affair a lot greener. With composters, the leftovers are well treated and the compost can go to neighboring or in-house plantations. Cardboard boxes and thermocol can also have alternate uses. They can help insulate the place better and keep the temperature under control. Cooking oil can be used as bio-diesel fuel and take-aways can do with paper wrappings wherever possible. So the next time you pack your bags, do think about where you dine, because there are choices. Smart ones!


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