Summer in India, Some thoughts on Water Conservation

As the summer comes closer, chances are you are packing your bags and heading out to that lovely Hotel you have had your eyes on since Christmas! Summer means heat, and water beats heat. But water means life, and nothing beats that! Save some, and you can do yourself and the next generation a huge favor. If in case you are not travelling, there’s a lot that you can do. It’s summer. You will be bathing often. That’s a given. Maybe a bucket bath instead of that jet speed shower this summer? Gardening is another way of using and abusing water. You can sprinkle instead of pour. Both can nourish. And the plant can’t tell the difference! You could let your curtains down. It will keep the heat away, and the dust too. You can save the trouble of washing stuff excessively. Also, it is cheaper to get that leaking tap fixed than to pay extra for the water each month.
If in case you are on the go, you can do without getting your denims laundered after each wear. At hotels, see if they have un-chlorinated pools. You avoid that extra shower after the swim that way! Hotels are stacked with crockery. But 3 dishes for a sandwich isn’t exactly smart. If you are on the road, moist disposable towels can replace a generous pour from the water bottle for those dry eyes. Hotels and restaurants want to treat you better. They throw in an extra plate every 20 minutes if they have to. Maybe you can do with just one. While on a trip, activities like brushing and bathing can be done quicker too. This give you more time to explore and more water for tomorrow!


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