How to have a Green Valentine

Did you know that around a billion valentine cards are sent each year globally, making the day the second largest card-selling holiday of the year after Christmas? Did you know that over 36 million hear shaped boxes of chocolates are sold each year? Did you know that it’s the top holiday for fresh flower purchases with red roses being most popular? 
Valentine ’s Day as such has a big potential to have substantial impact on the environment. One billion cards!!! That’s a lot of trees.
So let’s make this Valentine ’s Day green and see to it that our celebrations have the least minimum impact on the environment.
Here are a few things you could start with. Gift cards that are made from recycled paper or tree-free paper. Or else consider sending an e-card. You could send them organic or locally grown flowers. You could donate some money to an environmental organization on that person’s behalf. Buy your lover a gift certificate for a naturopathy therapy or a day at the health spa. Arrange for a romantic dinner at a local restaurant that uses organic food produce that’s grown locally. Going for dinner at a local restaurant helps to cut down on food miles. You could even go camping, rafting or canoeing if you and your lover are adventuresome. You could even spend that weekend in a wildlife retreat.
Instead of spending so much money on something that will just end up in trash enjoy some quality moments with your loved one and create memories that you will live on forever and help make this earth a safer, greener place.


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