Contribution towards a Green Environment

We feel that the world be denominated by two kinds of businesses in the future – electronic businesses and eco-friendly businesses.  The environment platform stands for the future. It’s a trend that will endure and grow. The challenge is to find new ways of continually creating new ways of continually creating more wealth with fewer resources, less raw materials, less energy less waste and less pollution.

We are the hotel that cares for the environment just as much as we care for our guest. We at The Fern, a designer ECOTEL hotel, commit ourselves towards exceeding guest expectations and ensuring total dedication to conserve environment by continually and enthusiastically creating awareness through education and participation of team members, guests and the community.

We followed a systematic approach in developing an environmental culture which stands on four key pillars involving architecture , mechanisms, operations and our guests.
We have undertaken passive energy efforts in design by installing double glazed windows, rubber wood and medium density fibre wood to name a few. The mechanical pillar includes the installation of a sewage treatment plant, drinking water treatment using UV filters, etc. The operational utilities which are eco-friendly include using cloth mats, herbal anti-cockroach treatment and so on and so forth. Also, hangers, utility trays, sugar pot covers etc. are made up of compacted sawdust. We also encourage our guests to participate in our environmental endeavors. Above all if you really want to sample some delicious food you have to try our kitchen which uses organic herbs and vegetables grown in our Herb garden.
We actively encourage our staff to follow environmental friendly practices not only at work but also in their day to day life. Our suppliers are also educated on using bio-degradable packing material.
Going eco-friendly is the need of the hour with countries fighting over reducing the carbon emissions but nothing will change unless we want to be a part of the change itself.


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